Monday, September 27, 2010

New Projects

It's crazy how so many projects picked up in just one month. For starters, here's a Public Service Announcement animation I did for NYC tv for the new voting system that's now being aired for the coming election:

I animated this piece under Roland LeBreton, with graphics handed to us by the NYC board of elections.

On another note, I've started motion graphics work for Pratt LEGENDS 2010. It's a fundraising event for Pratt student scholarships that'll take place Oct 20th. It also honors icons of art and design such as Tommy Hilfiger, Elsworth Kelly and a bunch of Pratt Alumni.

I'm having a lot of fun with this one since I get to storyboard, design and animate the whole piece!

A preliminary animation with a dummy image of Paul Rudd:

And the LEGENDS title animated:

As for comic-related things... Yes, I've realized I haven't drawn much with all the mo-graph work so I decided to get back into Golden Host, an ongoing manga with my writer and long time friend, Jen Tai.

You can check out our tumblr and twitter for updates!

Fakeheads and Static Fish are also on its way... more news when time comes.

And here is a bird.

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