Monday, November 15, 2010

Speaking at Pratt Institute

Well well, looks like I'll be speaking at my own college! Joanne Chang, president of Keyframe Animation Club at Pratt invited me to speak and after a few reschedules we've finally picked a date: Dec 1st (7pm - 8pm).

Here's some advertisement written by Joanne herself:

" This is a great opportunity for traditional animation majors (and anyone interested in the field) to learn a bit about the 2D animation business. Jane is a young accomplished animator who studied at Pratt Institute and began working for multiple employers straight out of school. Plus, she's awesome.

The meeting will also include a short screening of her senior thesis on which a few current Pratt undergrads worked with her a bit (including me, Joanne! :D ).

Here's a Q&A article with her about her senior thesis:

Pratt Institute ARC Building Room E-2 (until further notice)

See you all there! "

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